Ever since I was a kid, I was intrigued by and wanted an RC Helicopter, but the price alone kept me out of that market.  In 1990, upon returning back to the U.S. after serving two consecutive overseas tours in the Air Force, I saw an advertisement for the Kalt Whisper (the first commercially available electric RC helicopter that I know of) which re-kindled the RC heli dream but economics still kept me from owning one of those.  In 1992 however, I did break down and purchase a nitro machine; a used Concept 30 from a garage sale.  I tried to fly it, but engine problems plagued me and I sold it without ever getting it into a hover. I never gave up the dream of owning a Whisper until Ikarus came out with the Piccolo which I purchased in 2000.  I finally realized my dream of owning an electric RC Helicopter! 

I’ve grown through the advances of electric heli flight going from 3 minute flights on my Piccolo using heavy NiCd battery packs powering inefficient brushed motors to a LiPo powered brushless system which has given me over 30 minutes in the air on a single charge!  My eFleet now consists of a Gaui Hurricane 200, my original Piccolo which has been highly modified including a scratch build of a Bell 47 which I call the PiccoBell 47,  a couple of Ecoman Dragonflys, and my most recent additions, an E-flite Blade mCX and Blade mSR which I am having a blast with for flying in tight indoor spaces.  Like I said, I like the small electric stuff.

I can be found on the following user groups as Hover_X


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hel·i·cop·ter (hĕlīĭ-kŏpītər) n.
Hundreds of moving parts all flying in very close formation

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Although R/C helicopters are my primary flying machines, click the P-51 below to see what I am working on in the fixed wing arena.