Find more about Weather in Mill Creek, WA

KWAEVERE14 Weather Graph

Actual conditions as monitored from my personal weather station (443 ft elevation)
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Find more about Weather in Mill Creek, WA

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Radio Controlled Modeling
Enter my world of electric powered radio controlled aircraft.  Most are in the small and micro category, but I have recently been getting into bigger models that I can use to carry video equipment. Click on the aircraft below to go to their respective pages.


Click here to go to my Micro Helicopter page

Click here to learn more about Geocaching

Click the image to the left if you are interested in learning more about geocaching. This is a great family activity and has taken us to many nice places that we would have otherwise passed right by (as we have done in the past).

This page is where I keep some of my videos that I have put together.  Video editing is a bit of a hobby of mine and I am currently using Sony Vegas Movie Studio as my editing software.

A few years ago we decided to take control of our 401K instead of allowing it to control us. After some formal training, this has evolved into  several different areas of investing/trading where we have connected with other investors/traders through local groups.  My investing page is a collection of some of the important things we have picked up along the way, including tools I have developed to help with the trading process.

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